The 2021 Hanway Customer Factory Open Day Series of Activities Continue!

On Saturday, October 23, the second stop will set sail!

Hanhong Group & Hanway Industry will once again jointly launch the "Incitation of personalized boutique orders and empower packaging converters with new value-2021 Hanway Customer Factory Open Day (Zhejiang Station)" activity, which is not to be missed.

Next! Let us focus on Hanway’s new "compact high-speed" and personalized, diversified, and customised short order and random order markets. We will organize and organize in-depth interviews with Hanway’s live broadcast room to give you an in-depth interpretation of Hanway’s walk. Digital inkjet leadership at the forefront of the industry.

The following content was discussed between the two interviewees.
Xu Wei, General Manager of Hanway Industry, Fang Xuan, Deputy General Manager
Wu Jianchao, Head of Taishan Jinhengli Carton Packaging Co., Ltd.

Q: What exactly is a "compact highway"?

Hanway Industrial: When it comes to digital packaging, Hanway Industrial’s SINGLE PASS high-speed machine will inevitably be mentioned. Hanway’s Glory1604 is the first equipment manufacturer that applies industrial-grade digital inkjet technology for corrugated board printing. Hanway is the first enterprise applying SINGLE PASS extreme speed printing technology in the field of packaging printing. It can be said that Hanway’s products have entered the industrial-grade high-speed stage from the beginning.

This time we also put forward the definition of "compact high speed" for the first time in the industry. In the 15-16 years, the digital packaging equipment in the market was mainly low-speed multi-pass printers, and mainly used for proofing or prototyping purposes. We launched an industrial-grade high-speed machine in 2016. The production capacity can be compared with the traditional analogue machines. The production efficiency of more than 150 meters per minute, producing up to 200 cartons per minute, comes as a big shock to traditional corrugated converters. At the same time, it offers a great opportunity for traditional converters looking for digital flexibility for mainstream production.

The Revo 2500W is a compact high speed corrugated inkjet printer, addressing low to medium run length of either MULTI PASS and SINGLE PASS. It is our third generation of multi pass series. Compared with the second generation HighJet 2500B, the production capacity has increased to 1,400 square meters per hour, doubling output. Capable of producing more than 10,000 square meters a day, sets a new benchmark in the industries of multi pass printers.

Q: Why did Hanway launch compact and high-speed equipment?

Hanway Industry: The main reason is to meet the production needs of the market and customers. Our previous A and B multi pass printers have superb print quality and can produce high-quality prints on coated boards. However, the production output is relatively low.

In comparison, our SINGLE PASS high-speed presses have ultra-high output capacity and comes at a higher investment cost.
To address the gap between low and ultra-high output capacity, Hanway developed the new "Compact Expressway", which perfectly fills the gap and can meet the production needs of medium to long run orders.

Q: Which types of customers are suitable for Hanway "Compact Expressway"?

Hanway Industry: The theme of the first event is "Break through the zero-order market and create new packaging value". From the production demand of bulk and irregular orders, the Revo 2500W comopact high-speed corrugated printer can handle order volumes of 8,000-15,000 square meters per shift. Tailor-made for the customer base. If the customer's production capacity exceeds this category, then we recommend buying a higher productivity Hanway SINGLE PASS high-speed corrugated inkjet press. If the production capacity is lower than this category, you can also choose other models of our HighJet series of multi pass printers.

Q: What types of cartons do the existing compact high-speed printing customers produce?

Hanway Industry: At present, there are mainly two types. The first type is irregular orders that pursue a certain capacity. The equipment must be able to quickly change orders and produce on demand. If the delivery cycle is fast enough, customers can make money.

The second category is to pursue higher-value applications and the quality requirements will be higher. Our Revo 2500W printer has 6 colours. We can fully satisfy customers who want to produce colour boxes and have specific quality requirements. We are the only manufacturer in the industry which can offer this as of today. The large print width of 2.5 meters also solves many wide-format orders that cannot be handled by traditional offset printing machines.

Q: How do you see the development of the digital packaging industry?

Hanway Industry: Digital printing is well suited in the packaging area. With the development of equipment and solutions in the past few years, we know that in addition to spot colours, digital can satisfy many customer needs. As a result, more and more customers are contacting us. We predict that there will be a huge increase of digital printed boards for packaging in the next two years.

In addition, as our digital equipment spreads across the country and even globally, customers are purchasing and accepting our digital printing solutions, which in turn will further promote the industry's process of digital packaging printing.

Hanway’s new Revo 2500W compact high speed industrial grade digital inkjet corrugated printer, gives you a new choice!

Q: What is the main business of Taishan Jinhengli Carton Packaging Co., Ltd.?

Jinhengli: Jinhengli carton packaging is a third-generation owned factory with a large scale in Taishan area. It has engaged in the packaging industry for more than 10 years and mainly serves customers in Taishan and Jiangmen. Our orders are relatively diversified. We basically do all the orders that can be made. We specialize in the production of various types of paper boxes, colour boxes, paper cards and other paper printing and packaging. Our main customers are in the medical field, industrial building materials and cleaning appliances.

Q: Why did you decide to invest into a digital printer?

Jin Hengli: Our orders range from small to medium. The smallest orders are 1-2 and the customers are very different. Typically, customers only order a couple dozen boards, but having 100 to 1,000 of these customers add up quickly. The production volume is very large.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the demand for online orders and small orders have increased tremendous. What should I do with such a small batch order? It is not possible to do it with traditional equipment. Because digital printing does not require plate making, it can directly output computer graphics and print as low as one sheet. There is no fixed cost pressure at all. For our orders with small to medium batches, digital printing is perfect.

Choosing digital, on one hand, is because of our order structure and current order trends. On the other hand, we also believe that Hanway Industry has always been a leader in the field of digital packaging printing. What makes us particularly satisfied is that Hanway’s equipment is very easy to use. Our operator can start production after only one day of training. The dependence on technology and experience is greatly reduced, which is very beneficial to our production.

Q: What kind of products are mainly produced on the Hanway Revo 2500W?

Jinhengli: We mainly produce brown boxes for industrial and export products. We purchased the Hanway Revo 2500W, including an inline slotter, which continuously runs 24 hours a day. Since installation, the machine has basically not stopped. On average, a shift can easily produce output of 5,000-6,000 square meters per day.

In addition, the need for versioned printing is growing. Each country and region have different requirements for barcodes. This also requires equipment to have a strong variable data production capacity. After the introduction of the Hanway Expressway, the design has been modified to increase brand loyalty. This resulted in more profit for us. In fact, our product offering has expanded, not only to customers in the surrounding areas, but also to customers from other provinces such as Fujian.

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