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Solvent-based screen-printing inks, comprising pigments, solvents, and binders, offer exceptional durability and adaptability. They use organic solvents to transfer pigments onto textiles, plastics, and metals, delivering vivid, long-lasting prints resistant to water and UV light.

Kissel+Wolf Australia’s globally sourced solvent-based inks are formulated to deliver exceptional results. They offer brilliant colour saturation, perfect adhesion, and the durability required for a range of applications. Whether you're printing on textiles, plastics, or other substrates, our inks ensure your prints are long lasting and vibrant.

Solvent Based Screen-printing Inks

Solvent Based Screen Printing Inks
  • Glass Ink GL
  • Libra Gloss LIG
  • Libra Matt LIM
  • Libra Print LIP
  • Libra Speed LIS
  • MaraCure HY
  • MaraFlor TK
  • MaraMold MPC
  • MaraSwitch MSW
  • Mara® Chrome MC
  • Mara® Flex FX / FXPP
  • Mara® Glass MGL
  • Mara® Glass MGLA
  • Mara® Gloss GO
  • Mara® Panel MPA
  • Mara® Plan PL
  • Mara® Poly P
  • Mara® Poxy Y
  • Mara® Pur PU
  • Mara® Star SR
  • Mara® Tech MGO
  • Ultra Board UVAR
  • Ultra Card UVCC
  • Ultra Glass LEDGL
  • Ultra Glass UVGL
  • Ultra Glass UVGO
  • Ultra Pack LEDC
  • Ultra Pack UVC
  • Ultra Pack UVFP
  • Ultra Pack UVK+
  • Ultra Pack UVPHR
  • Ultra RotaScreen UVRS
  • Ultra RotaScreen UVSF
  • Ultra Star-M UVSM
  • UltraForm UVFM