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Kissel + Wolf Australia provides comprehensive screen-printing solutions including products, services, and expert support. Our range includes inks, chemicals, films, adhesives, equipment, and more to meet any Screen-printing need.

We offer a full screen service from manufacturing new frames to screen re-mesh and imaging. Trust our experienced team for expert advice and support.

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Is Screen-printing only suitable for textiles?

Not at all! While Screen-printing has a strong presence in the textile industry, it's also used for printing on paper, glass, plastics, and even ceramics.

Can Screen-printing achieve a textured or raised effect in prints?

Yes, Screen-printing can create textured and raised effects by using special inks, additives, or multiple layers of ink. This technique adds depth and tactile appeal to the prints, enhancing their visual impact.

Is Screen-printing compatible with various ink types?

Absolutely! Screen-printing can work with a wide range of ink types, including water-based, plastisol, discharge, and even specialty inks like metallics and glow-in-the-dark. This versatility allows for diverse creative possibilities.

Can Screen-printing be used for creating custom clothing labels?

Certainly! Screen-printing is a popular choice for producing custom clothing labels. It allows brands to add their logo, care instructions, and other details directly onto the garment, ensuring a professional and personalised touch.

Can Screen-printing be used for specialty applications like circuit boards?

Yes, Screen-printing is utilised in specialty applications like printed electronics and circuit board manufacturing. The precise control over ink deposition and the ability to print on various substrates make it suitable for such technical applications.

Is Screen-printing suitable for fine art reproduction?

Yes, Screen-printing can be a fantastic method for fine art reproduction. It allows artists to replicate their original artwork with fidelity, capturing details, textures, and colours accurately. Many artists appreciate the unique qualities that Screen-printing brings to their reproductions.

Can Screen-printing be used for large-scale production?

Absolutely! Screen-printing can handle large-scale production efficiently. Once the screens are set up, the printing process itself can be relatively quick, making it suitable for producing a high volume of items within a short timeframe.

Is Screen-printing a labor-intensive process?

It can be, as each colour requires a separate screen and pass. However, technological advancements have streamlined the process considerably.

Is Screen-printing limited to flat surfaces?

While Screen-printing is commonly associated with flat surfaces, it can also be adapted for curved and three-dimensional objects. With the right techniques and equipment, Screen-printing can transform a variety of objects into customised pieces of art.

How does Screen-printing compare to other printing methods in terms of durability?

 Screen-printing boasts remarkable durability, making it a popular choice for items that experience frequent handling or exposure to the elements. The ink used in Screen-printing penetrates the surface, creating a bond that withstands wear and tear.