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The Wilflex range of inks include bases and additives, colour mixing systems, non-PVC and non-phthalate inks, transfer and white inks as well as a selection of speciality, discharge and water based inks.

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If you’re looking for digital inks Marabu offers a wide selection of solvent and water-based UV-curable inks and coatings suitable for both small and large format applications. These inks feature excellent adhesion on a broad range of substrates and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Marabu is also a world-leading manufacturer of screen and pad printing inks offering a broad range that have applications in glass and container printing, labels, membrane switches, graphic screen printing, identity cards, and optical disks to name a few.

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Fimor offers a wide selection of colour coded squeegee blades in a range of profiles and dimensions. Blades are available with optimal abrasion and chemical resistance for printing with industrial and UV inks, including direct printing on ceramics or tiles.

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We also carry high performance polyurethane screen printing squeegees from Pleiger which are custom formulated to achieve high solvent and abrasion resistance. These combinations ensure a product that will better maintain its durometer when subjected to aggressive inks.

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From the high abrasion resistance required for ceramic printing to the ultra-fine mesh counts required within the electronics industry, Sefar offers a range of screen meshes to suit your every requirement. Browse our range of Sefar screen meshes.


These are designed to adhere the screen mesh to the frame creating a highly chemically resistant bond between mesh and frame. Kiwo screen adhesives can be used on frames made from aluminium, steel, wood or galvanised iron and are available in either the traditional two component systems consisting of adhesive and hardener or the newer one component UV cured adhesives.


Kiwo and Ulano photo emulsions have been considered the benchmark of quality and imaging results within the industry for many years. We offer an extensive range covering the graphic, textile and industrial markets.

While each stencil system will exhibit good resolution, mesh bridging, edge definition and exposure latitude within its field, it is especially important to select the correct emulsion for the project. Different types of emulsions offer specific advantages within their chemistry or system. The three most common emulsions are SBQ, diazo-photopolymers and diazo.


Ulano offers a wide range of film for many applications. This includes pigment inkjet film for film positives, masking and hand-cut films, indirect films as well as an extensive range of capillary films.

Industry Uses

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Kissel + Wolf products are used in a variety of applications including textile, graphic, electronic and industrial printing. From T-shirts to mouse pads, temporary tattoos to electronics, Kissel + Wolf offers solutions for all your requirements.

Our varied range of digital, graphic and plastisol inks means this versatility extends to the variety of materials one can print on. Textiles, wood, paper, glass, metal and plastics are just the beginning of a long list.

Digital and Plastisol inks from Marabu and Wilflex

With a portfolio of inks from international brands, we are well equipped to suit your every printing requirement.

Textile Printing

The Wilflex range of textile inks include bases and additives, colour mixing systems, non-PVC and non-phthalate inks, transfer and white inks as well as a selection of speciality, discharge and water based inks.

Direct to Garment (DTG)

Kornit engineers and manufactures a range of DTG machines to meet the demands of both entry level and high level production businesses. Kornit DTG machines offer the ability to print on a range of products including shorts, bags, shirts and more.

Glass Printing

Marabu offers a wide range of products from digital inkjet, traditional and UV screen inks, primers and liquid coatings. Their range also includes a broad selection of brilliantly coloured and highly transparent inks suitable for glass.

Plastic Container Printing

Marabu also offers a range of inks suitable for a wide variety of plastic substrates such as PE, PP, PET or other plastic containers and packaging.


If you’re looking to print labels, our range of UV curable inks are designed for use in rotary screen printing, letterpress, offset and flat-bed label printing. Browse our range of UV curable inks.

Membrane Switches

Featuring a matte finish, high opacity, outstanding printability, excellent elasticity, resistance to temperature extremes and the ability to adhere to injection-moulded materials, Marabu is a popular choice for membrane switch printing. Browse inks from Marabu.

Graphic Screen Printing

Marabu offers a range of solvent and UV-curable inks for indoor and outdoor use. Their solvent based inks offer performance, durability and UV-resistance ensuring the ability to withstand weather conditions. Substrates include cardboard, paper, self-adhesive, PVC film, hard PVC and polystyrene.

Identity Cards

We stock a range of specialty products geared around a versatile colour mixing system offering inks that are both highly flexible and ideal for lamination. Marabu offers solutions for embossing, die-cutting and laser marking.

Optical Disks

Marabu’s range of fast-curing UV inks with low radial deviation are ideal for the latest high-speed systems.

Speciality Inks

Marabu and Wilflex offer a range of special-effect inks that can affect the overall finish. Some offer visual or tactile effects which make them invaluable advertising tools while others feature an informative function that is geared towards specific industries.

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