Sefar Pet 1500 Mesh

The screen printing mesh professionals use.
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Sefar Pet 1500 the most comprehensive range of screen printing mesh for an efficient and reproducible stencil production. It meets all the requirements for detail reproduction, homogeneity of face printing, print run consistency and registration accuracy in multi-color printing. The special SEFAR PET 1500 surface treatment aims to improve adhesion, good wettability and good antistatic properties. These features allow a high quality and efficient processing of all commercially available screen printing systems.

  • Unsurpassed UV-light undercutting protection of yellow mesh
  • Adhesion and preparation optimized mesh surface
  • Reproducible mesh relaxation
  • Good ink and paste release behaviour
  • Good antistatic behavior thanks to Sefar antistatic treatment
  • Wide standard range with high availability

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Mesh Number:

165/420-31 PW (yellow), 165/420-27 PW (yellow), 150/380-34 PW (yellow), 140/355-34 PW (white), 120/305-34 PW (yellow), 100/255-40 PW (yellow), 90/230-48 PW (white), 77/195-48 PW (white), 77/195-55 PW–, 54/137-64 PW (white), 54/137-64 PW (yellow), 43/110-80 PW (yellow), 15/40-250 PW–, 32/83-100 PW–, 61/156-64 PW (white), 61/156-64 PW (yellow), 180/460-27 PW (yellow)

Mesh Width:


Available mesh options

  • 165/420-31 PW | 165/420-27 PW | 150/380-34 PW | 140/355-34 PW | 120/305-34 PW | 100/255-40 PW | 90/230-48 PW | 77/195-48 PW | 77/195-55 PW | 54/137-64 PW | 43/110-80 PW | 15/40-250 PW | 32/83-100 PW | 61/156-64 PW
  • Width available: 158 cm

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Screen / stencil maker benefit

  • Sharp-edged reproduction of the artwork on the stencil
  • Finest detail reproduction
  • Homogeneous coating
  • Easy capillary film application
  • The tension drop is stable and low
  • Process and product reliability
  • Adhesive passes good through the mesh, therefore less problem in bonding the mesh to the frame
  • Reduced susceptibility of dust
  • Reduction of retouching time
  • Optimizing of storage management
  • Short delivery time
  • High reliability ensures continuous production

Printer benefit

  • High reproducibility
  • Best edge definition in print
  • Extended screen life
  • High quality image reproduction
  • Better color to color reproduction
  • Good reproducibility of fine details
  • Uniform ink application
  • Maintaining of tightest color shade tolerances
  • Error-free and clean printing
  • Reduction of waste in the print process
  • Ensured continual delivery of stencils
  • Unlimited options of ink/paste film thickness


  • Ceramics
  • Electronics
  • Glass
  • Graphics
  • Plastics and Packaging
  • Textiles
SEFAR PET 1500 impresses with its performance in a wide variety of applications, ranging from graphic screen printing in small and large sizes, such as posters, displays, and signage; printing on plastics such as sporting goods, thermoformed parts, etc.; on the decoration of ceramic, directly or indirectly, and on up to textile printing and other industrial printing tasks.


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