Sefar Basic Mesh

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Sefar Basic is the screen printing mesh range developed to cover the demands of the t-shirt, textile and ceramic printers. The compact product range is produced according Sefar standards.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 15 cm
Mesh Number:

120/305-34 PW (yellow), 100/255-40 PW (yellow), 100/255-40 PW (white), 90/230-48 PW (yellow), 90/230-48 PW (white), 77/195-55 PW (yellow), 77/195-48 PW (yellow), 61/156-64 PW (yellow), 61/156-64 PW (white), 54/137-64 PW (yellow), 54/137-64 PW (white), 43/110-80 PW (white), 32/83-100 PW (white)

Mesh Width:


Available mesh options

  • 120/305-34 PW | 110/280-40 PW | 100/255-40 PW | 90/230-48 PW | 77/195-55 PW | 77/195-48 PW | 61/156-64 PW | 54/137-64 PW | 43/110-80 PW | 32/83-100 PW
  • Width available:158cm

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Screen / stencil maker benefit

  • Eliminates the purchase of emulsion and complex coating processes
  • Reduced handling of the screens
  • Optimal stencil quality with minimum effort
  • The tension drop is low and balanced
  • Broad exposure latitude
  • Very precise image transfer
  • Optimization of storage management
  • High reliability ensures continuous production
  • No storage of emulsions
  • Reduced use of chemicals in the stencilmaking process

Printer benefit

  • Print on demand
  • Most accurate reproduction
  • Longest stencil life
  • Elimination of cleaning, stripping and
  • ghost imaging removal
  • High reproducibility of the stencil
  • Best edge definition in print
  • Ensured continuous delivery of stencils
  • No surprises in press
  • Reduction of the cleaning cycles
  • Reduced storage of chemicals
  • Increased operational safety


  • Plastic containers
  • Labels
  • Glass hollow ware
  • Optical discs
  • And many others
Expand your options with SEFAR PCF for screen printing on plastic containers, labels, glass ware, optical discs and many other challenging print substrates.


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