Polycol Thick-Coat

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Viscosity: ~60,000 mPas
Solids content: 51%

Colour: Light red

Available size options: 1kg

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Polycol Thick-Coat is a very high solids and viscosity, fast exposing pre-sensitized red SBQ emulsion specially formulated for creating thick stencils and for dip-free coating on coarse mesh counts. POLYCOL THICK-COAT is plastisol, UV, water and solvent resistant. POLYCOL THICK-COAT builds up quickly and has exceptional edge definition and resolution. Unlike most emulsions used for making thick stencils, POLYCOL THICK-COAT develops (washes out) very quickly saving valuable processing time. POLYCOL THICK-COAT’s solvent resistance prevents solvents from “locking in” the emulsion making reclaiming easier.

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1 Quart

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