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Pleiger Plastics offers polyurethane squeegee blades and profiles for a wide range of squeegee blades for screen printing designed for specific printing applications. All of our squeegee blades are manufactured in the USA.

Popular Polyurethane Squeegee Blades and Profiles

Straight Edge Squeegee Blades for Screen Printing

Straight Edge/Square Edge Squeegee Blades

Offer excellent shear for good deposit control and image definition. The most common polyurethane squeegee blades are used in textile printing and screen printing applications. Lowest Cost Profile, most versatile.

Use Lower Durometers for more porous substrates. Use Harder Durometers for smoother substrates.

Beveled Doctor Blade Squeegee Blade for Screen Printing

Beveled Squeegees Blades

Beveled squeegee blades for screen printing offer increased hydraulic pressure on the ink. On cylinder presses with no angle control or variation, the bevel controls the hydraulic pressure to drive the ink through the stencil. On presses with angle control, the bevel offers a consistent increased hydraulic pressure that drive extra ink through the screen.

Straight Edge-Triple Durometer Squeegees Blades for Screen Printing

Straight Edge-Triple Durometer

An exceptional tool for critical ink shear. This screen printing squeegee has two soft edges with hard backing between them. Maintains proper angle with no blade rollover at higher screen tension and print pressures. Soft printing tip conforms to irregular surfaces. Used mainly on high-speed presses.

They are primarily used on four-color and halftone jobs.


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Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange


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Double Bevel, Straight Edge, Precision Edge