Real-time data and dynamic reporting for better business decisions

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ONYX Hub software is a business intelligence tool with a browser-based dashboard that provides easy-to-understand, smart data across your entire site, enabling you to make better business decisions. With up-to-the-minute, historic and trend data ink and media waste reporting, you can better understand your costs, diagnose inefficiencies in your production and maximize profitability.


Entire Site Visibility

Immediate visibility into your entire printing environment
Business owners and production managers need tools that make it easy to manage production and see their company’s costs and productivity.

With ONYX Hub, you now get Entire Site Visibility:

• Immediate visibility into your entire production environment with real-time and historic data
• Drill down into job details showing reprints, submissions, printer information, time stamps, job tickets, ink usage and media waste
• Easy to, use and navigate browser-based dashboard

Licensed on any ONYX Thrive network key, the ONYX Hub server is easy to install in any size print shop, and with just a few clicks can be shared to any web browser giving instant real-time data for your entire site.

Dynamic Production Reporting

View ink usage and media waste to increase profitability
Business owners worry about profits and productivity

How many times do you hear, “Is my shop profitable?”, or “Did I make any money on that job?”

ONYX Hub gives reports using rich data about actual job details including actual costs!

• Real-time ink usage and media waste reporting
• Capture data and run reports on every job across your entire site
• View live production information by job, printer or station
• Historic and trend information on printed jobs
• Identify areas of waste in your business

Input ink, media, labor and machine rate costs for actual data for job costing.

Stop guessing if you’re making any money and start using real data.

Data Driven Decisions

Let your print production speak to you for better business decisions
Gather valuable production and costing data and make better business decisions based on real-time data

• Identify media waste to increase profit per job
• Gain insight into entire site for better understanding of costs with actual cost data on ink, media, labor and machine rates
• Help identify production bottlenecks based on reprints, job trending, ink and media trending, wasted media and printer utilization to streamline your workflow and maximize profitability

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