KIWO XTS Computer to Screen Imaging System

Advanced Computer to Screen Imaging System

Introducing the latest generation of CTS systems brought to you by KIWO. The KIWO XTS offers the highest resolution and speed combination of any other wax-based inkjet system available today.
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Key Features:

  • Touch-screen user interface
  • LED Exposure Unit option now available
  • Single Xerox® inkjet head, capable of resolutions up to 1500dpi
  • Imaging throughput speeds averaging <1 min./screen
  • Solid ink (wax) for universal emulsion compatibility, better density and sharper image quality than any water-based inkjet system
  • Processes images up to 35” W x 34” H (89cm x 86cm)
  • Handles frames up to 42” x 42” O.D. (107cm x 107cm)

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