Screen Brushes

Brushes for Screen-Printing

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The Kiwo Screen Brush series are tailored for various screen printing needs:

  • Kiwo ScreenBrush #1: Ideal for degreasing, featuring long, soft white bristles.
  • Kiwo ScreenBrush #2: Specifically designed for ink removal, equipped with long, stiff blue bristles.
  • Kiwo ScreenBrush #3: Perfect for stencil removal, characterized by long, stiff green bristles.
  • Kiwo ScreenBrush #4: Tailored for haze removal, with short, hard red bristles.

Choose the right Screen Brush for your application, ensuring precision and efficiency in your screen printing process.

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Brush Types:

Kiwo Screenbrush #1 White Degreaser, Kiwo Screenbrush #2 Blue Screen Wash, Kiwo Screenbrush #3 Green Stencil Rem., Kiwo Screenbrush #4 Red Haze Remover

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