Hotronix Hover Press

Heat Press

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A unique hover feature in an auto open press.

Size available: 40x50cm

  • Two modes: one for contact. One for pressure.
  • Patented, Magentic Assist Lock Down
  • Digital Time, Temperature and Pressure Display
  • Space Saving Clamshell Design
  • Wide Opening for Easy Layout
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  • Over-the-Center Pressure Adjustment
  • CE/NRTLCO approved
  • Quick-change lower platen
  • 3/8" silicone pad
  • Non-stick coated heater - stress relieved to prevent warping
  • Cast-in tubular element every 2" to eliminate cold spots
  • 3/16" laser-quality steel framework
  • Heavy-duty pin & bushing pivot points
  • 3/4" upper flotation heat platen
  • Wide opening for easy layout


  • No air compressor needed
  • Opens automatically
  • Easy to operate
  • Digital readouts

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