Hotronix Auto Open Clam Cap

Heat Press

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Avoid over-application – automatically.

  • Designed to decorate caps of all sizes
  • Auto open feature allows you to multi-task without over-application
  • Digital time, temperature, and pressure readouts
  • Compact size allows for easy portability
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The cap press automatically opens when the press cycle is complete, putting an end to over-application and ruined caps. Easily interchangeable lower platens to allow a snug fit for virtually any size cap.



  • Patented Magnetic Auto Open Feature.
  • 3/4" thick upper platen with non-stick coating.
  • Patented Magnetic Assist Lock Down.
  • 3/8" Silicone pad.
  • Quick-change 3.5" x 6" lower platen.
  • Platinum RTD heat sensor.
  • Cast-in tubular heating element every 2" to eliminate cold spots.
  • Generates maximum pressure with less effort.
  • Under-center pressure adjustment.
  • UL/ULC/CE/ROHS approved.
  • Temp. range 205° - 420°F.
  • °F or °C available.
  • Electrical Options: 120 v; 4 amps; 500 w 240 v; 2 amps; 500 w
  • Space-saving clamshell design.

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