Polymeric Self Adhesive Vinyl P HT 100 BO

Self-adhesive vinyl with high opacity 100 mic monomeric PVC film. high performance high tack permanent adhesive and 125 gr Clay Coated Kraft Paper liner. Recommended for a wide range of short-term promotional applications on flat surfaces.

Size available: 1.37m x 50m

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  • Application surface: flat
  • Substrate not recommended for floor graphics (areas with car traffic); flexible or low energy substrates; non-flat surfaces; carton walls painted or unpainted; plaster walls; wallpaper; unclean or rough surfaces; surfaces with degraded paint.
  • Do not expose to combustible vapors or spills.
  • Surfaces on which the material will be applied must be carefully cleaned and free of dust, grease or any other contamination that may affect the material adhesion.
  • Non-vertical application results in a significant reduction in durability, as well as climate and angles of sun exposure. It is recommended that the film remains at least 24 hours at the temperature of the workplace before it is used.
  • There may be other factors not described here that may influence the performance in the use.


  • Specially developed for solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV large format printing.
  •  This product must be protected with the recommended lamination in order to provide the necessary strength.
  • For the best possible print quality, please make sure you are using the correct print profiles.
  • An excessive quantity of ink in the product will result in changes in its characteristics, in inappropriate drying, lamination detachment and / or poor product performance.
  • Inadequate drying can result in curls, wrinkles and adhesion failures, which is reflected in the result of the material’s performance. A minimum drying period of 48 hours is recommended before any further processing. Drying should be done with the product unrolled.


• INDOOR: < 3 years / OUTDOOR: < 2 years (not processed) • Shelf Life: 12 months from the date of manufacture, applicable only to material that has not been processed, and stored according to the following conditions: • This material must be stored at a temperature of 20° C ± 5 ° C and 50% ± 5% relative humidity, without major climate deviations. • The storage area must be dry and clean. • Keep the material in the original package when not in use, in order to protect it from dust and contamination. • Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat sources. • The product must be stored vertically, so that its quality is not compromised.


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