ClearShield for the StarLam

Available size options: 5 Liter

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The perfect formulation for roll to roll coating on the StarLam Liquid Laminator or other automated laminators.

ClearShield for the StarLam is a water-based liquid laminate that can offer the same protection as film laminates while saving as much as 60% in production costs. To ensure maximum protection our coatings are specifically formulated for a variety of inks and applications such as banners, vehicle graphics, billboards, signage, and truck-side curtains.

Marabu’s ClearShield Liquid Coatings are formulated with state of the art UV-inhibitors and HALS (hindered amine light stabilizers) to provide superior protection against damaging UV-rays. Our coatings also offer protection against chemicals, abrasion, and dirt pick up.

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CS for StarLam Gloss


5 Liter

Application Methods

Applications Methods

ClearShield for the StarLam must be applied by automated laminating equipment like our StarLam Liquid Laminator or other liquid laminating machines.

Automated Spray Equipment

Our ClearShield coatings are easy to apply using an HVLP gravity-fed spray gun. We recommend using a 1.3 to 1.6mm tip and a psi of 45-55.

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