CAD-Cut Silicon 200 | 500

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“Silicone 3D-200” is 200 microns thick, and is ideal for medium to large cutting details. Because of its blocking ability, it is ideal for prints onto sublimated polyester.

The “Silicone 3D-500” is 500 microns thick, and is a durable, silicone material with a matte finish, and soft touch. This unique 3D look enhances any fashion wear.

Available in:

  • 50 cm x 25 m rolls

Suitable for:

  • 100% Cotton,
  • Poly/Cotton blend,
  • Polyester blend
  • 100% Polyester

Accessories needed:

  • STAHLS‘ Weeder® to weed
  • Reusable- or Grip Cover Sheet

Additional information


White (001), Black (700)


200, 500

Roll Width



per meter

Additional Information

Cutting Notes

You should always test cut prior to any production run. Remember cutter settings will need to be adjusted as your blade ages. For optimal cutting and weeding, maintain a line thickness of at least 1.5 mm (1/16“) for lettering & logos.

Recommanded Fabrics

  • 100% cotton
  • 100% polyester*
  • Polyester-cotton-blends
  • Sublimated polyester * Test before application!

Accessories Recommanded

  • Grip Cover Sheet
  • Cover Sheet - Non-Sticky
  • EZ Weeder®

Application Instructions

  • Temperature: 150° C
  • Time: 10 sec.
  • Pressure: medium
  • (#4-6 on Hotronix®)
  • Peel: cold
  • Reprint: 5 sec.

Multi-Colour Designs

CAD-CUT® Silicon is not suitable for multi-layered application.

Care Instructions

Machine wash inside-out using mild detergent. Do not use bleach. Dry at a normal dryer setting on household machines. Do not dry clean.


Store in cool, dry area. Avoid direct heat, sunlight and humidity.

Material Specifications:

  • Composition: Polyurethane (PU)
  • Carrier: Frosted, Pressure-Sensitive
  • Thickness: 80-108 microns/.080-108mm
  • Stretch & Rebound: 5
  • Washability: 50


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