New Company Logo for KIWO


In an increasingly interconnected world, corporate brands must more than ever ensure that they portray a clear picture – both internally and externally. Deviations and inaccuracies are immediately perceived in a negative way and in the current world of Social Media this can happen at lightning speed. Therefore, a consistent brand management is essential for any company.

For this reason, Kissel + Wolf GmbH has created a new company logo where the company name is the main feature. The 3 brand names of KIWO (orange), ARC (blue) and ULANO (red) are clearly reflected in the new logo as well. The 3 brand logos will remain unchanged. With immediate effect Kissel and Wolf (KIWO) serves as our umbrella brand. This new logo will be used by all companies of the Kissel + Wolf group worldwide. The newly developed website presents the company in this new light and introduces KIWO, ARC and ULANO to our audience.

For Australia, we herewith introduce the new name Kissel + Wolf and the new logo:

We will no longer use the trading name of KIWO Australia. The three colours we are going to use differently and since we are supplying high quality products and services to the Screen-, Digital- and Offset Printing industries, we are going to use the colours for our subdivisions.


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