Lean and Green Stencil Preparation

Michael Ose from Sign-Tronic AG and André Kreuter from Grünig AG visited Sydney and Melbourne for a lightning visit to give a presentation of what is possible with stencil making and pre-press in screen printing.

Arriving last week on Tuesday morning in Sydney the duo went to the KIWO office and gave the representatives there a rundown of the latest technology for screen making, cleaning and stretching. After a 3 hour session they were whisked away to see some clients and then away to a well-earned rest. Wednesday saw some more client visits. As it was Michael’s first visit to Sydney it was a given that he see the Opera House and Watsons Bay.

Back to business. The men were taken to the hotel near the Graphics Arts Club and after quickly dropping of their baggage it was over to the Graphic Arts Club to prepare for the presentation. Andre gave an overview of what Grünig had to offer and tempted the small audience with what was possible to make a clean, safe work place.

Michael captivated the audience with the options now available for printers to produce “Ready to Print“ screens using the latest in Computer to Screen Technology. Sign-Tronic is the world leader in CTS technology offering versatile solutions and modular layouts to suit any customer requirements. Being the same night as the State of Origin match it was an effort to finish the presentation in time but it didn’t seem to matter. There was a uninterrupted presentation with lots of questions to follow.

After the presentation it was back to the hotel to prepare for an early flight to Melbourne. The sessions were delivered to an enthusiastic group of Victorian customers on Friday morning and the audience were greatly impressed by the cutting edge technology that was showcased during the presentation. Michael left for China on Friday night last week whilst Andre flew back to Switzerland last Saturday. In all it was a very quick trip for two very busy people and we are very grateful for them to keep us informed of what can happen.

Thank you to Sign-Tronic and Grünig.



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