KIWO solutions respond to market trends shaped by digital innovation

Kissel + Wolf Australia (KIWO) has built an impeccable reputation within the screen print, textile, sign and display industry. Its expansion into the labels and packaging market is a natural progression for the company, which enjoys such a loyal, growing customer base. PacPrint was the ideal opportunity for it to showcase solutions that can increase productivity and revenue, minimise waste and maximise the creative potential of a printing business.

“We see enormous potential for labels and packaging businesses to utilise digital and hybrid print technology and enjoy the significant benefits,” said Jamie Weller, Business Development Director ANZ – Industrial Print & Packaging. “We have spoken to a lot of label and packaging manufacturers who are watching market trends shaped by digital innovation.”

He observed that short-run fibre-based packaging is in high demand. “Our digitally printed e-commerce and mailer box samples attracted a lot of interest at PacPrint. Many customers scheduled follow-up demos of our HighJet digital corrugated printer in our Melbourne showroom. This printer uses water-based pigment inks which are finding favour with printers as they are more sustainable and perfect for food-safe packaging.”

The trend towards short-run packaging requires a different approach to finishing. Creating dies in the traditional way and offering one-off sample boxes is expensive. It is often not affordable for smaller brands wanting 50-100 boxes and requiring a one-off sample box.

“Digital die-cutting using sample tables is well established in Australia. However, technology has evolved over the years and besides being able to cut all sorts of material, the machines are much faster, offering automated loading and unloading of digitally printed boards. It is now possible to cost-effectively provide digital creasing and cutting of short to medium runs,” Weller said.

Customers were impressed by the affordability and quality of the iECHO digital creasing and cutting solution that Kissel + Wolf distributes in Australia and New Zealand, with many requesting quotes.

Weller said another trend is an increasing focus on workflow and efficiency. “With cost pressure increasing and customers looking for a more agile production environment, the eProductivity Software that we offer provides affordable SaaS solutions for the print and packaging market, ranging from print management to online pack-to-print. Having our partners from ePS just opposite our booth, helped to guide our customers in the right direction.”

“After such a long time without face-to-face exhibitions in Australia, it was great catching up with industry experts, old and new colleagues, friends and customers from the print and packaging industry,” he noted. “Although there were fewer visitors than I expected, the quality of leads from decision makers who are ready to make their next investment, helping to grow their business and automate their production was high.”

This article was originally published in Australian Labels & Packaging magazine.

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