KIWO goes Solar!

KIWO goes Solar!

As of Friday the 10th of February around 9.30am in the morning, KIWO produces 75% of its daily electrical power requirements itself from their newly installed solar station at its Headquarters in Tullamarine VIC. “I believe that Australia is the perfect place for renewable energies” says Martin Stacher, Managing Director of KIWO. “We do have ample of space and sun for the solar side and also enough wind to use wind turbines as well” he continues. “I always wanted to do something like we have now and once I was contacted by Roycon it was really an easy decision to make”. The whole project was completed from conception to installation within just 4 months – which illustrates that if two partners share a vision to accomplish something, then together it can be achieved swiftly. KIWO is fully committed to becoming a comprehensively “greener” company, not only with the product range that it offers, but also with actions like this solar station installation at its HQ in Victoria.

Bruce Castleton (Project leader from Roycon) states “We would like to thank KIWO for their partnership and vision in transitioning to a clean energy future, and to demonstrate our gratitude we will be donating 50 trees for your 50kW system to the Fifteen Trees Organisation which are planted in schools and forests across Australia to help with reforestation.”

Bruce is also sharing some information about the technical side of the installation at KIWO: • KIWO’s system size is 50kW. This consists of 200 GCL 250W panels, and 2 Fronius Eco inverters.

  • It will produce on average 200kW of electricity per day – 73MWh per annum, which will offset 75% of Kiwo’s peak daily usage.
  • Including all of the repayments the system will save the company approximately $25,000 over the next 5 years; $143,000 over the next 10 years; and over the system life of 25 years it will save Kiwo between $801,000-$1,068,000 based on our conservative projection of 7% inflation of electricity prices per year (electricity prices have increased by between 8-10% this year alone).
  • As for the more significant environmental benefits, KIWO’s commitment to sustainability will offset annually the equivalent of 21 tons of carbon being dumped into the atmosphere, or 17 Australian cars taken off the road, or 124 mature trees, every single year – a truly outstanding contribution.

About Roycon

Roycon Electrical and Solar was founded in 2010 to realize a vision of helping Australian homes, businesses, and communities transition towards a more sustainable energy future. Since then the company has become an industry leader in renewable energy solutions and is comprised of a team of experts including project managers, engineers, accredited solar designers, licensed installers, and electricians. We primarily aim to create energy solutions for the commercial and industrial sectors which include hybrid systems, remote area power supplies, and battery storage technologies that enable businesses to alleviate running costs, whilst also being environmentally conscious and enjoy a competitive advantage for decades to come.

About KIWO Australia

KIWO Australia is the leading supplier into the Screen Printing industry by offering the complete product package including stencil making. Other important business activities include the supply of products into the Metal Dec industry in Australia where KIWO is also offering extensive color mixing and matching facilities in VIC as well as in NSW. KIWO Australia’s Digital activities include the Kornit and Epson DTG systems as well as Digital Inks from Marabu. In all of its business activities KIWO strives for the complete package approach and understanding of their customer needs and requirements. More info under

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