Kissel+Wolf Australia – Going Forward Together

With the recent announcement by Kissel + Wolf Australia of their partnerships with Esko and Industrial Inkjet, it became clear that the team at the pioneering firm were going to bring their expertise and state-of-the-art print technology and consumables to the labels and packaging market. It’s exciting for both the team at Kissel + Wolf and the industry at large. To find out more about how Kissel + Wolf will help label and packaging manufacturers, we speak to Jamie Weller, Business Development Director ANZ – Industrial Print & Packaging, Kissel + Wolf Australia.

Kissel + Wolf Australia has built an impeccable reputation within the screen print, textile, sign and display industry. It’s possible that the expansion into the labels and packaging market is a natural progression for the company that enjoys such a loyal, growing customer base.

“We are big advocates of digital and hybrid print technology and its ability to increase productivity and revenue, minimise waste and maximise the creative potential of a printing business,” says Jamie. “We see enormous potential for labels and packaging businesses to utilise the technology and enjoy the significant benefits. We have spoken to a lot of label and packaging manufacturers who are watching market trends shaped by digital innovation.”

The labels and packaging industry is undergoing major changes. Digital and hybrid technology has been the key to meeting emerging trends such as short runs, labels and packaging incorporating variable data, the need to minimise waste and demand for greater design options and media flexibility. However, there are still many label and packaging manufacturers that rely heavily on analog print equipment.

To help label and packaging producers embrace the best of both digital and analog solutions, Kissel + Wolf has partnered with British specialists Industrial Inkjet to supply hybrid systems.

“Industrial Inkjet manufacture bespoke solutions that transform the capabilities of print technology,” says Jamie. “They take industrial printheads and engineer them into a print module complete with a tailor-made ink delivery system and software for specific applications. Depending on the needs of the client, the ink delivery system may use UV inks, water-based inks, fluorescent inks, or whatever the client needs. These modules can be fitted to existing systems, so the client does not need to invest in new print technology to greatly increase their capabilities.”

The solutions that Kissel + Wolf will be providing to labels and packaging clients will also feature state-of-the-art cutting and finishing solutions, they are looking at the whole spectrum.

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This article originally published in Labels Plus magazine.