How Hanway’s Revo 2500W can help with small, personalized boutique orders!

On October 23, the Hanway’s Customer Factory Open Day 2021 titled "Creating new value in packaging by personalized small run orders" co-sponsored by Hanhong Group & Hanway Industrial was successfully held.

At the event, Shengzhou Shenhong Packaging and Zhejiang Master Packaging respectively signed contracts with Hanway Industrial. In the future, Hanway’s Revo 2500W, a digital inkjet high speed corrugated printer, will enable the printing factory to cost effectively produce digital printed packaging, improving production and start the analogue to digital transformation, resulting in a win-win cooperation for all parties.

At the meeting, Mr. Yu Zhan, Sales Director of East China and North China Region of Hanway Industrial, shared the current development of digital printing for packaging.

Views on applications and trends: "Domestic corrugated packaging factories have been very active in purchasing digital printing equipment in the past five years. Compared with traditional printing products, digital, personalized, and customized packaging is more in line with the consumption concept of the younger generation, and more and more opportunistic type players join.", stated Mr. Yu Zhan.

How does the high-speed digital inkjet Revo 2500W printer help drive personalized small run orders?
Director Yu said:
“As online ordering is becoming the norm in the print and packaging industry; personalized and customized digital printing products have great growth potential. The distinctive advantages of multi-colour, light and shadow photo portrait like print quality, key distribution, and domestic distribution. The six-colour printer, as of today the only one in the field, makes the Revo 2500W very suitable for personalized production of short to medium runs of one-of orders. It can create packages with different characteristics and different appearance effects through diversified packaging designs and creative designs, to encourage consumers to buy more impulsive."

In the event, on behalf of the customer's factory-Taizhou Shengda Packaging and Printing Co. Ltd., Chairman Lu Lixing also shared his "digital packaging transformation road map and operating experience" with the audience.

He said: "Our company's output value in 2020 will be about 140 million yuan (A$30M). The main products are cardboard and finished cartons. Among them, finished cartons account for about 30% of sales. Orders are mainly couple dozens of one-off orders. The smallest are 1-2 orders, the colours are diversified, and the print quality requirements are high."

In order to meet the needs of more and more customers in individualized and irregular single aspects, Taizhou Shengda Packaging purchased the Hanway Industrial HighJet2500A corrugated cardboard digital printing machine in 2020. This system is capable of completing 60 orders in one shift. With the continuous development of our business, especially the increase in export carton orders, another digital corrugated inkjet printer, the Revo 2500W from Hanway was purchased in mid-2021.

After a period of operation, Lu Dong said:
“The Revo 2500W machine has greatly increased the order production speed of our plant and one shift is capable of producing up to 100 individual orders. Nowadays, we have all the orders below 300 and the irregular carton orders with colour printing. All these orders are produced on the Revo 2500W. While the production efficiency has increased tremendous, more importantly, great savings have been made by eliminating the cost of plate making and waste in offset printing. Our customers are also very satisfied with the printing quality."

In recent years, e-commerce packaging put traditional packaging converters into a love and hate relationship. What I love is that the total amount of e-commerce packaging development in recent years are grown exponentially, so that all packaging companies need to transform and invest into digital printing solutions.

What I hate is the e-commerce packaging order list. The quantity of batches is not as large as the traditional products, keeping up with the market trend, it demands a faster turnaround from design to print.
This makes traditional printing a bit like a monkey fishing for the moon—you can't catch it by just looking at it. Relying on accurately leveraging the personalized packaging orders of online e-commerce, there is a third-tier carton packaging factory that has found a new blue ocean market from e-commerce packaging, and that is Dongguan Xihan Paper Products Co., Ltd.

Zhang Yonghua, General Manager of Dongguan Xihan Paper Products Co., Ltd., said that Xihan Paper focuses on the incremental business opportunities of small to medium batches of personalized orders, and has stepped out of a "shop before factory" operation model.

The front-end effectively embraces the Internet and builds Online stores, including personalized packaging design services, and offline production factories, are completely on the road of “pure digital” feature smart printing. Through the purchase of Hanway’s Industrial Digital Inkjet Printer, the Revo 2500W and the new HighJet 2500D, it achieves efficient, seamless, flexible corrugated packaging printing.

The growth trend of digital printing in the packaging field is obvious. How to seize the sinking customer market in the fierce industry competition?

Mr. Zhang believes that Xihan Paper has digital printing equipment in its hands, coupled with an effective connection to the Internet platform, to truly realize the "O2O" online and offline mode. In this way, buyers directly communicate with manufacturers to reduce intermediate costs, while manufacturers through the design, the carton marketing offers more value, and the end customers are provided with variable data and personalized packaging solutions. The profit and cooperation model of both parties has improved.

Coincidentally, when the stock market was declining, Taizhou Songshang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Was considering how to use digital printing technology to change the customer service model, planning to provide brand owners and end customers with more value-added services. Under the trend of declining large orders, and more and more small to medium-sized, multi-batch and one-off orders with high personalized demand, Taizhou Songshang decisively introduced Hanway’s Revo 2500W industrial-grade high-speed digital inkjet printer to improve the production process of outer packaging. Many products are directly combined with the buyer's customized needs to form a better consumer experience.

For Taizhou Songshang, because there is no need for the complicated processes of traditional offset printing, only a few steps such as RIP processing through the computer are needed to produce the finished product.

Digital printing makes "thousands of pages and thousands of images" a reality, making the design infinitely changeable and enhancing the product on the shelf has greater flexibility and innovation in the marketing of seasonal special events, allowing to expand into a new business model.

Whether printing on brown, white or coated board, the Hanway Revo 2500W can meet the demand of customized colour box printing. Resulting in higher value-added packaging small orders and faster fulfillment.

Speed to market, fast turnaround, simplified process flow and satisfying customer needs.

Major challenges such as urgent orders, bulk orders, variable printing, on-demand printing, etc., enabling new opportunities for business growth. All because of Hanway’s industrial grade digital inkjet corrugated printing solutions.

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