Hanway Glory 1604 – Customer Case Study

Hanway Glory 1604 - Customer Case Study

Customer Introduction

Freeport Paper Industries - New York, USA - www.freeportpaper.com

Freeport are a leading manufacturer of pizza and bakery boxes based in New York, USA. They specialize in providing packaging solutions for their customers requiring high quality customized printed corrugated boxes at affordable prices. They offer a complete service beginning with their design team providing customers with graphics and logos tailored to various promotional campaigns and applications, through to printing with their Hanway single pass Glory printers.

They installed their first Hanway single pass Glory 1604 in October 2017, soon after following that up with a second Glory 1604 unit in November 2018. They are now planning to purchase their third single pass Glory machine from Hanway.

Key advantages Hanway single pass digital printing has brought to Freeport Paper Industries

Water-based ink: Food safe, environmentally friendly and more comfortable for the working conditions of the employees.

Flexibility: The ability to produce more than 100 unique orders per day / producing up to 30,000 pizza boxes per day.

Zero inventory: Customers can place their orders one day in advance and can receive boxes within 24 hours.

No make-ready: Digital inkjet printing enables small to large run quantities of various boxes with no set up time. Digital Inkjet printing offers more scope on designs, allowing for both high-density spot colours and full colour CMYK graphics and images.

Ecommerce: Online box procurement for their customers, expanding their business reach into different states and markets.

New market opportunities: Co-operating with television stations, film companies and bookstores etc. to offer advertising on box products and reaching new markets and wider audiences.

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