About Us


Established in 1991, Kissel & Wolf Australia Pty Ltd, has evolved to become the primary player in the industrial screen printing sector Australia-wide. Since its inception, it has existed as part of the Kissel + Wolf Group which was founded in Germany in 1893.

From Pre Through to Post Press

Established as one of the leading suppliers of screen and textile printing chemicals, supplies and inks, we offer a complete range of products and consultancy services required for your entire process in a range of print applications.

Our large range of high quality products include capillary films, screen printing and screen making chemicals such as graphic, plastisol and digital inks as well as a selection of screen printable and frame adhesives. Our selection of coloured coatings and metal packaging coatings will not only enhance your designs but offer a quality finish with more resistance to wear and tear.

Our Corporate Culture

Reliability and trust are at the crux of our long history of success. We endeavor to continue to set high standards within the industry by anticipating trends and finding and developing customer centric solutions thereby enabling increased productivity and profitability.


Milestones: KISSEL + WOLF Australia

  • 30 years of Kissel + Wolf Australia
  • 125 years of Kissel + Wolf group of companies
  • Re-branding KIWO worldwide into the Kissel + Wolf Group.
  • Strong focus on screen, offset and digital printing applications.
  • Our Director Jennifer Bond is retiring after more than 20 years with the company, together with Len Galloway Jennifer really built the company from the start. Thanks Jennifer!
  • First participation in the Visual Impact show in Sydney under KIWO Australia! Strong focus on the Kornit DTG range, showing a Storm II DTG printer.
  • Adding Kornit DTG system to our range, which is the official start of our digital printing activities.
  • Marabu digital inks is the 2nd product range to be added for the digital application.
  • Acquisition of Sefar printing solutions.
  • Move to Tullamarine in the process, NSW office in Revesby as well.
  • Team grows up to approx. 25 thanks to the acquisition.
  • Trading as KIWO Australia.
  • Main focus on screen and offset printing equipment and consumables.
  • Len Gallaway is retiring after more than 20 years with the company. Thanks Len for all your efforts and you are a big part of our history in Australia.
  • Integration the Wilflex Australiasia operation into Kissel & Wolf team.
  • Move the whole operation to Bayswater in the process, team is growing to 6 members.
  • Trading as KUW (Kiwo, Ulano, Wiflex).
  • Incorporation of Kissel & Wolf Australia Pty Ltd
  • Operating out of a warehouse in Oakley, run by Len Gallaway and Jennifer Bond.
  • Mainly selling KIWO (and starting with 1999 also the Ulano USA) products.

Milestones: KISSEL + WOLF Group

  • Kissel + Wolf is celebrating its 125th anniversary!
  • Strong focus on Kissel + Wolf Group – rebranding the Group with a new umbrella brand and logo (Kissel + Wolf) with the 3 sub brands KIWO, ARC and ULANO.
  • Opening of the new “Dangerous Goods” warehouse in Wiesloch, for raw material and finished products.
  • Ulano USA is integrated into the Group, adding the capability of manufacturing capillary and indirect films to the Group.
  •  Acquisition of the ROWA adhesive manufacturing.
  • Further development of the flock adhesive range for industrial applications.
  •  Acquisition of Albert Rose Chemicals.
  • Manufacturer of screen printing chemicals for the rotary and flat bed textile industry.
  • Start of the screen printing era.
  • Licence production of AZOCOL product range start.
  • Development of the very successful product range of the PREGAN and PREGASOL products.
  • Family Eisenbeiss acquires the company.
  • From distribution to production.
  • Manufacturing of adhesives.
  • Company foundation.
  • Specialized dealer for industrial adhesives.


Our people are our biggest asset and greatest differentiator.

Martin Stacher

Location: Tullamarine
Martin oversees the overall operations of Kissel + Wolf


within the company and has extensive experience within the printing industry in both Australia and overseas.


Greig Wood

Managing Director
Product Champion: Zeller + Gmelin, Salchi, Birkan


Location: Tullamarine
Greig manages products from Salchi and Birkan. His extensive experience in sales combined with his printing background and keen understanding of the technical processes involved in printing means that he will be able to guide you through our range towards products that will ensure the best results.


John Wood

Sales and Marketing - Screen Printing
Product Champion: Marabu Graphics, Marabu Digital and Dexerials


Location: Tullamarine John is an industrial chemist, particularly specializing in printing inks, coatings, press chemicals and stencil making products. He has been in the printing industry for 40 years and has extensive knowledge of the relevant processes in the printing industry.


Jon Field

Sales & Business Development Director - Digital
Product Champion: Kornit, Epson, Adelco, Marabu Marashield range,


Burkle LFC Location:Tullamarine


Arthur Sabile

Sales and Marketing Screen Printing and Metal dec
Product Champion: Zeller + Gmelin Location: Revesby


Arthur has a chemical background and is in the printing industry for many decades. He has several years of sales experience and works primarily with our Zeller + Gmelin, Salchi, Birkan and Marabu products for our metal decoration and screen customers.


Grahame Steel

Sales and Marketing Screen Printing and Metal Dec
Involved in: all issues related to Metal Decoration and Screen Printing


including stencils for a variety of screen printing applications, using KIWO and Ulano products.
Location: Revesby
With 35 years of experience in screen printing, offset, roll label and in the signage industry, Grahame has a vast knowledge and information to assist most clients’ needs.


Bill Porteous

Technical Consultant Screen Printing
Product Champion: Grunig, Signtronic and KIWO CLEANLINE


Location: Revesby
A chemist by training and with experience in the Screen Printing industry for more than 35 years, Bill is able to understand the customers´ needs and support them with his experience and views.


Phil Reynolds

Sales Manager
Location: Revesby

Andrew Marrs

Sales Manager Digital
Location: Tullamarine

Nik Zajic

Technical Sales Manager
Location: Geebung, QLD

Wayne Walters

Technical Sales Manager
Location: Tullamarine


Monika Jacob

Purchasing Incharge
Location: Revesby


At Kissel + Wolf we take great pride in our range of internationally recognized supplier brands and products. Monica is in charge of our purchasing and she’s in close touch with our sales managers and product champions to ensure that we have the right product on stock at all times.



Paul McLaughlin and Darren Sach make up our operations team and ensure smooth running within our company.

Paul Mclaughin

Location: Tullamarine

Darren Sach

Location: Tullamarine


Our warehouse team is made up of Paul McLaughlin, Chris Ryan and Tanya Lenton for warehouse duties and logistic.Their responsibilities involve inventory and ensuring that products get to customers in a timely fashion.

Chris Ryan

Location: Tullamarine

Tanya Lenton

Location: Revesby


Our stencil making experts are Steven Larder, Romeo Samuel, Edwin Tomales, Tyrone Michael and Jiaping Yao. With several years of experience and a can-do attitude, the teams are in charge of one of the many value added services that we offer in-house.

Steven Larder

Location: Tullamarine

Edwin Tomales

Location: Tullamarine

Jiaping Yao

Location: Revesby


Our ink lab plays a large role in the colour matching service that we offer our clients.Staff here include Peter Edwards, Eliu Ben, Paul McLaughlin and Stephen Cramer.

Peter Edwards

Location: Tullamarine

Eliu Ben

Location: Tullamarine

Stephen Cramer

Location: Revesby


Our customer service and administrative team is made up of Sharlene Sach, Kylie Hammond, Gedda Vandertak and Monika Jacob (Revesby). This warm and friendly group are always happy to offer service and support of our products to our valued customer base.

Sharlene Sach

Location: Tullamarine

Kylie Hammond

Location: Tullamarine

Vanessa King

Location: Tullamarine


Our highly skilled service engineers Chris O’Brien and George Antoniadis and David Wright are the backbone of our Digital Printing activities offering high levels of technical support to all brands and equipment that we include in our range.

Chris O’Brien

Location: Geebung (QLD)

George Antoniadis

Location: Tullamarine

Kent Xu

Application/Service Manager
Location: Tullamarine