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Having established itself as one of the leading suppliers to the printing Industry in Australia, Kissel & Wolf offers a wide range of digital, screen and offset printing products suited to a variety of printing applications.

Our selection of digital, graphic and textile printing products means versatility over a diverse range of printable materials such as textiles, wood, paper, glass, metal, plastics and many more.

We are committed to the development of new products, concepts, and solutions with an emphasis on products that benefit the entire industry. Our portfolio offers a complete range of printing supplies, chemicals and equipment for any project. Additional services like stencil making and colour mixing / matching complete our “one-stop-shop” approach to you as our valid Customer. With offices in VIC, QLD and NSW and a nationwide distribution network where needed, Kissel & Wolf is optimally located to serve our customers efficiently.

We are specialised in:

Digital Printing

Kissel & Wolf offers a range of DTG printing equipment from user friendly entry level to high volume industrial. Including an extensive selection of auxiliary equipment, auto pre-treatment, heat presses, foils, inks and chemicals suitable for your entire process.

Products we offer:

  • Consumables for wide format banners, posters, POS, glass, liquid lamination and textiles
  • Direct to Garment (DTG) and Direct to Fabric (DTF) systems
  • Roll, flatbed and hybrid printers
digital printing
Textile and Industrial screen printing

Textile & Industrial Screen Printing

Screen printing gives the ability to apply colours, patterns or decals onto a huge variety of different substrates. Kissel & Wolf offers a wide range of screen and textile printing chemicals, inks and supplies meaning you can print on almost all materials imaginable.

Application areas:

  • T-shirts, caps, panels, printed textiles (roll to roll), piece goods, bags, sportswear
  • Glass – both flat glass and bottles, plastics, containers, labels, membrane switches, tubes and many more

Offset Printing

Printing on metal, glass and difficult substrates made easier. Our quality products and highly experienced technical staff can assist with any project.

Application areas:

  • Metal sheet / closures, identity cards, optical discs, liquid coatings, printed circuit boards, automotive and those products geared towards specific industries
offset printing

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Kissel + Wolf team helped us a lot with a recommendation of the technology most suitable to our application. Thanks to that, we were able to stream line our production from several different printers to one, with faster output, lower cost per print and superior print quality. The service team is always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to product support.

Nonda Bakouris

The Framing Co.
If Screen or Pad Printing is your business and first class products and information is what you need, then you should be calling Kissel + Wolf. German made ink and consumables plus the technical know-how and customer service to back their products up, Kissel + Wolf is my first choice when it comes to meeting my printing demands.

Ron Howells

Owner, Hyde Specialty Printing
For anything relating to Screen Printing, Kissel + Wolf are my “go to” partner. They have the products, technical expertise and industry experience to assist my print production process and this makes for trouble-free print runs from start to finish.

Steve Price

Screen Print Production, Label Concepts

I know that we can rely on Kissel + Wolf to deliver the products and most importantly the technical expertise and advice that makes a meaningful difference to our business.

Gary Brooks

Owner, Ancyn Screenprinters

Morris McMahon is a general line can maker and tinplate printers based in Sydney servicing all states of Australia & New Zealand.

Kissel + Wolf has been a responsive and professional supplier of metal decorating offset inks over the past 5 years. We have found Kissel + Wolf colour matching of both conventional and UV inks is accurate and timely. Performance of the Zeller & Gmelin inks through our Crabtree 1290 tandem press is outstanding, assisting us meet our requirements for high quality and high accuracy printing to our customers

Con Touralis

Print Supervisor, Morris McMahon & Co Pty Ltd

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